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Program Information for French Studies

Our French program is divided into 6 parts/3levels:

A) Découverte/Survie
B) Seuil/Indépendant
C) Autonome/Maîtrise

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Our program levels are linked to the European Framework
Level A – Beginner/Elementary: A1-A2
  • This program is designed to introduced vocabulary through images, exercises, flashcards, repetition and daily practice.
  • Students are also introduced to pronunciation exercises and vocabulary use.
  • Introduction to speaking and listening skills begin.
Level B – Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate: B1-B2
  • In this level students expand their vocabulary and are introduced to conversation.
  • Grammar structures are expanded and practiced.
  • Writing and reading skills are introduced as well.
  • More focus is put on communication through exercises, practice and presentations.
Level C – Upper-Intermediate/Advanced: C1
  • Vocabulary is increased, and conversational skills and expanded.
  • Complex structures are reviewed, as well as Use Of Spanish.
  • Students will take part in oral presentations and discussions.
  • Students may also choose to prepare for level exams.
Nos niveaux de français EF Certificat
Niveau Introductif ou Découverte A1
Niveau Intermediaire ou de Survie A2 Débutant
Niveau Seuil A2-B1
Niveau Avancé ou Indépendant B1-B2 Intermédiaire
Niveau Autonome B2
Niveau Maîtrise C1 Avancée