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About Morelia

The city of Morelia is one of the most touristic, beautiful and important destinations in Mexico for its invaluable culture and history.
This is where the independence movement began to take place. The city is home to well-known international festivals of music and cinema. The UNESCO considers Morelia one of more than 200 World Heritage cities.
Morelia is home to important international music and film festivals
Morelia offers a great variety of attractions for visitors

from admiration harmony and tranquility of its ancestral buildings made from pink quarry, its wide range in gastronomy which is one of Mexico’s most diverse and delicious.

Not only do you find food, but also, its legends, traditions, dances and the crafts, make this a great city to live and study.

If you want to be completely astonished by its beauty walk through the down town area

During the day you can shop for beautiful handmade crafts by the people of the city and everywhere you take a step you will find delicious food and snacks. Sit on the roof top in a café and while you take a zip view the sun setting on the horizon.

During the night take the time to walk around. Experience the lighting of the glorious Cathedral and let your skin bristle to the sound of the music.

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