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Homestays are carefully selected and offer students the opportunity to learn more about the local culture in a comfortable setting while studying Spanish in Vallarta. These homes are often between 5-15 minutes away from the school by foot or public transport.

Families usually offer affordable meal plans that allow you to sample the local cuisine. If you have special requests or diet restrictions (because of religion or health reasons), please let us know in advance. Students must be 16 years old and older. Puerto Vallarta has been rated the second safest city in México.

What is Homestay?

Homestay is a host family, and is an excellent opportunity for you to get the most out of your language program. When you register with a host family, you have the chance to get to know Mexican culture first hand.

You have the opportunity to interact with the members of the family, getting to know them and the ways of the people, and have the support of a family away from home.

How does it work?

With Homestay you will have your own room, access to wifi, meals and other necessities, support, transportation to and from the school, (if you choose), cultural experiences, interaction, and the chance to get to know Puerto Vallarta

Own Room


Internet Wi-Fi


Each student is matched with a family, once you have filled out the application form, so that your needs are met, as well as being with a family that is right for you.

If this sounds right for you, fill out the Homestay Registration Form.

Homestay Registration FormDownload Gli International ebrochure